Legoland for Free?!

What is the Situation/Issue?

Ever wanted to go to Legoland but never been able to afford it? Well now might be your lucky chance! Legoland Windsor in the UK is giving away free tickets to adults and kids from October 13 to 30th. But of course there is a catch- you must have a specific name, one in six names in fact. The names come from the main characters of the new Lego Ninjago movie. The six names are Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Nya, Zane, and Cole. You must prove your name and it must be spelled the same. This promotion only applies at Legoland Windsor.

What did PR do?

PR is trying to promote the new Lego Ninjago movie and celebrate it’s launch. Not only does it promote the movie, but it gives Legoland more attention and traffic. The promotion dates also fall in line with what the UK schools call “half-term break” or what we would call “fall break”. Kids will be out of school and the promotion will give parents something to do with their kids. This promotion will help boost ticket sales at Legoland, because if one person is receiving free admission, you can guarantee they will bring people with them that will have to pay for admission. In fact, Legoland has said that if the person with the matching name is under 14, and adult 18 or over must hold a valid ticket for the same day.

My Analysis

I think the promotion was well thought out. This promotion was needed after the new movie received some poor reviews in the UK. Lego really kept their audience in mind, especially with the timing of the promotion- the same time as school lets out. I also think the six names are unique enough that they won’t have to give away too many free tickets, but the tickets they are handing out for free will help attract more people to the park and boost Legoland ticket sales as well as get some positive feedback for the new movie.


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