Don’t Believe Every Picture You See

If your date says she traveled to Paris, you might not want to believe her. In March of 2017, Delta partnered with Tinder to create an international destination backdrop wall in New York City. These backdrops are called the “Delta Dating Wall”, designed for people to take selfies in front of, and post on their Tinder profiles.

The campaign’s purpose is to let the public know about Delta’s 130 international flights out of NYC. Another purpose of the campaign is to show the public, more specifically millennials, that traveling can look good on your dating profile and your passport. So what did Delta’s PR do to achieve this purpose? The main thing they did was partner with a popular company, Tinder, and come up with a creative hashtag, #DeltaDatingWall. This was a smart move because it helped the campaign gain attention over social media. In addition, Delta developed Snapchat filters to get their murals posted on multiple social media sites.

These murals weren’t just anywhere in New York City. PR placed these murals in a high traffic place to get as much attention as possible. Artists were hired to paint the murals, making each one unique and fun.

Since millennials love a good photo, Delta PR hosted an event where professional photographers took free photos of individuals in front of the backdrops. Delta also hired several local influencers (blogger types) to promote the campaign.

My one complaint about the campaign was how few murals there were, and how they were all located on one street in Brooklyn. I think had they dispersed the murals around other parts of New York City, the campaign would have gained more attention and recognition.

Overall, I thought the entire campaign was extremely creative. Delta’s PR team really kept their audience in mind when creating this campaign. Everything was targeted towards millennials and individuals who use online dating. Each detail was carefully thought out, and I especially loved how much they incorporated social media and local influencers to promote the campaign.


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