Target Ad Presentation

For this project I had to choose any advertisement, do a Reverse Engineer critique of the ad, and then create a new ad that would be part of the same campaign. For my project I chose to recreate this Target ad that showcases quality products. Then I created a slide presentation on InDesign showcasing my work.

Slide Design

When creating my slide presentation, I wanted to incorporate Target’s logo and signature style as much as I could. I used the signature red and white Target colors, but then I used some black to contrast with these bright colors. On the opening slide I showcased the original advertisement and Target’s logo. I then found a sans serif font that matched the font on the Target logo perfectly.

On the transition slides, I used a red circle with white typography for that Target feel. I then used a black serif font in the corner for some body copy and to contrast with the white sans serif font. Here is my slide presentation:

New Ad

When creating my new ad, I had to think about what types of people shop at Target. The first thing that came to my mind was parents and especially moms buying groceries and items for their homes. I kept this audience in mind when designing my new ad. I created my new ad using Adobe Photoshop.

For my new ad, I decided to use fresh products and food items to recreate the target logo. For the first logo, I used photos of red raspberries and vanilla ice cream (CC0 images from Pixabay). For the middle logo I used photos of red roses and white daisies (CC0 images from Pixabay). For the third logo I used photos of bright red cherries and freshly popped popcorn (CC0 images from and Pixabay).

For the body copy on my new ad I designed it after the body copy on the original ad. I used a black serif font, but I changed the body copy to talk about the fresh products you can find at Target. At the bottom of the ad I placed the Target logo so people would know what company the ad was for.


I enjoyed using InDesign again and being able to link in my Photoshop designs. It was fun being able to create a new ad and a presentation for an advertising campaign. I realized how important slide design is and how much more professional your presentations can look when you don’t use a program like PowerPoint or Keynote.


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