Studying Stinks, Try Febreze

For this project we had to create a creative advertisement for a specific product. My product was air freshener, and I chose to create and advertisement for Febreze. I used Adobe Photoshop to create my advertisement.


Along with creating an ad for a specific product, we had to target our ad to a specific demographic or audience. My audience was men and women aged 18-24 and in a relationship. This audience reminded me of college students, and college students are very busy because they are always studying. Sometimes students are so busy that they don’t have time to clean, which is why Febreze or any air freshener is the perfect product for them.

For my specific audience, I had to create a Facebook Static Ad and a Blog Static Ad. These ads are both pretty small, so fitting all the information on the ads was a little tough but I managed to do it.

Facebook Static Ad
Blog Static Ad

Design Principles

To create my ad, I blended two images together. The first image is a garbage dump (CC0 image from Pixabay), and the second image is a student studying (CC0 image from Unsplash, photo by Tim Gouw). I wanted the student to be studying in the garbage dump, representing the student’s smelly apartment or bedroom.


Since the Febreze logo is bright blue, I wanted to use that same color in the rest of my typography. I contrasted this bright blue with some black text. I contrasted the header and the body copy with the font choices I used. The header and call to action is in a sans serif font, and the body copy is in a serif font.


This project was probably one of the hardest for me to complete, but I still had a lot of fun designing this Ad. It was difficult because I had a hard time coming up with an idea and a creative slogan. As hard as it was, I am very pleased with how my advertisement came out and I think it is very creative. I also had a lot of fun using Photoshop and re-learning some tricks I learned back in middle school.




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