Kiss and Makeup

Makeup and beauty is something I am very passionate about, so I wanted to design a set of icons that resemble different makeup products. Using Adobe Illustrator, I designed six different makeup-related icons: mascara, blush, lipstick, eye shadow, makeup brushes, and nail polish.I wanted my message behind these icons to be about how fun makeup can be and how women and girls can enhance their natural beauty with makeup.

Intended Audience

My intended audience is women age 18-30 (millennial age). Since my audience is women, I wanted to keep my designs very feminine looking. I decided to use a lot of pinks, reds, blues, and gold because not only are these colors feminine looking, but they are common colors used in makeup products.


I wanted to give my icons an animated, 3D look, and I used a couple different techniques to achieve this. The first technique I used was rounding out all the corners. I felt like the straight corners made the icons look too stiff and boring. Once I rounded out all the corners, the icons started to look more fun and animated. The other technique I used was adding a reflection on each icon to make it look more 3D. At first I only had reflections on the two mirrors, but then I decided to add a reflection to each icon. I love how this small detail adds to the icon. I think without these two techniques my icons wouldn’t have turned out as cute.


I love my makeup icons and I am so happy that I could recreate something I am so passionate about and something that I love. I had a lot of fun creating these icons and I think my creative side really shows through.


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