Spring Into Typography


Mormon Channel has a blog that contains a “daily quote” page. I chose to analyze this daily quote design, that features a quote from Gordon B. Hinckley. People from all over can submit quote designs to be featured on Mormon Channel’s blog and other social media platforms. Mormon Channel did not attribute this design to anybody, so I was unable to find the designer.

Typeface #1

The first font used is a slab serif font. This was identified by the little ticks or lines that are on the edge of each letter. These are serifs, more specifically slab serifs because they are the same thickness as the rest of the letter. Throughout the entire font there is no thick to thin transition.

Typeface #2

The second font used is a sans serif font. I know it is sans serif because there are no ticks or lines on the edge of each letter, aka there are no serifs. There is also no thick to thin transitions in the strokes.

Contrasting Elements

The two fonts have a lot of contrasting elements. The first element being that they are in different categories (one is slab serif and one is san serif). The next contrasting element is that the slab serif font is a lighter stroke with a bigger point size, and the sans serif font is more bold with a smaller point size. I like how the designer did the thickness and point size because it makes each line of text stand out. I also like how the two typefaces are alternated (they are repeated on every other line). In addition, the designer made the name at the bottom lighter and smaller so that the eye focuses on the quote and not on the person who said it. My eyes can easily read the text from top to bottom.


The designer did a great job with the text, especially since this design is all about the quote. One thing that made this design stand out to me in general was how simple it was. I love how they added a cute vase of tulips and a white background, and the color of the text is the same color as the flowers. The text is in perfect alignment with the flowers and everything flows so nicely. This design has a nice spring-y feel and the text really contributes to the theme. I would definitely print out this design and hang it on my wall!


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