Broadening (Apple) Music’s Horizons

Everyone is trying to change TV. Okay, not everyone, but many technology and media companies have been producing their own television series. We already know of a few: Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc. But guess who is now on that list: Apple.

Apple announced on February 13th that it would start creating its own video content, according to Vindel Goel’s article “Apple Tiptoes Into Producing Original Video but Plans to Pick Up Pace”. Apple’s first two TV-like series will premiere on Apple Music in the spring. Apple’s senior vice president of software and services said, “We’re trying to do things that are unique and cultural,” as Apple is not out to buy TV shows, rather use original video “to help distinguish Apple Music”. Goel said that with Apple Music, they are going beyond music, just like MTV has done.

What is making Apple’s new TV shows so unique? Well first off, they aren’t all going to be TV shows, rather a variety of different types of video. As of right now, the trailer for the first show “Carpool Karaoke” has already premiered, and is a spin off of James Corden’s sketch. The second show they have already created is a reality TV series about app developers competing to make the next great app. Apple is calling it “Planet of the Apps”. Both series will be available to Apple Music subscribers starting in April. Jimmy Iovine, head of Apple Music, said “We’re doing dramas, they just take much longer.”

As stated earlier, Apple wants to make a variety of different types of video. They are currently working on ideas that are said to be opposite of the two they have already announced. Since their video service will be accessed through Apple Music, Apple wants to create a way for Artists to interact with their audiences.

When Apple came out with the third edition Apple TV, they said they were changing the way people watch TV. Is this still true? Or are they now copying companies like Netflix and Amazon? Apple is starting out small, and seems to have their own voice in this new endeavor. Lets hope they can stand out among the rest of their competitors.


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