Breaking the Stereotype

It seems like millennials are always getting picked on. Millennials are always late, they are lazy, and are always looking at their devices. Everyone has heard the stereotypes. Especially the stereotype about millennials being addicted to social media. It’s true, they are addicted, but a recent study just came out that proves Generation X is more addicted to social media than millennials! Who knew, right?

Generation X includes adults from ages 35-49, and millennials includes adults ages 18-34. The article “Generation X More Addicted to Social Media Than Millennials, Report Finds” by Jonah Engel Bromwich, reported that last week Nielson released a study that shows Generation X adults “spend an average of 6 hours 58 minutes a week on social media,” whereas millennials spend 6 hours 19 minutes a week. Although its a slim margin, we still see that the older generation is spending more time on social media than the younger generation. This news is shocking to many people, especially to Sean Casey, the president of social division at Nielson. Casey said that as he researched, the results made more sense to him, because social media peaked at a time when adults (more specifically Generation X) wanted to be connected. “It’s become second nature to our generation” Casey said. The data was gathered from last July through September from 9,000 smartphone and 1300 tablet users across the country, said Bromwhich.

The study showed that Facebook is still the most popular social network for mobile users, with Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest not too far behind. Millennials are also into Snapchat, but this social network came into sixth place, behind LinkedIn. This information was surprising, considering how popular Snapchat is among millennials. As for Generation X, Facebook is definitely the most popular social network for them. Along with Twitter, adults use these social networks to post about TV programs, and interact with friend’s posts, said Bromwhich. The next time you hear that millennials are addicted to social media, remember these facts. Its not just millennials that are addicted, its everyone!


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